H o w W e D i f f er

All Patents Are Not Created Equal.  Patents are tools for securing exclusive rights to profit from your inventions (i.e. leverage to get your fair share.)  Obtaining a patent, by itself, can mean much or very, very little.  It is critical to recognize what will, and perhaps more importantly what will not, make that patent matter.  The overwhelming importance of the language of your patent’s claims cannot be overstated, nor can the importance of your understanding of that language.

A Patent Should Be Ready For A Fight.  Patents have offensive and defensive capabilities.  Ultimately, it may be necessary to enforce your patent in court.  In large part, a patent’s long-term strength is determined during the application process.  We focus on attaining patents that are capable of meeting challenges throughout their lifetime.  The aim is to attain patents so strong that they are litigation deterrent, since they will likely win in court.

All Clients Are Not Created Equal.  Hence, we do not have a cookie cutter approach to patent applications, such as a one-size-fits-all fee structure.  Your long-term success is our success, so our fees are reasonable and responsive to your specific circumstances.  Your patent application is not a commodity to us, and a client is never just the next number served.

Each Invention Is A New Beginning.  By definition, every invention is unique, as is its relationship to the ever-changing technology surrounding it.  A comprehensive appreciation of your inventions and goals allows us to individually tailor your patenting expenses.  We facilitate realistic planning by not promoting unduly optimistic cost estimates, and always fulfill our agreements.

Talk (A Lot) To Us.  We are convinced that achieving first-rate patent protection requires outstanding communication.  Unfortunately, typical policies on conversations with inventors can hamper an open and free dialogue.  We have a different attitude, and you will reap the benefits.  Initial consultations are free and ample.  Subsequent discussions are often uncharged also, and you will always be informed in advance if a discussion will incur a fee.  We are committed to building substantial and enduring relationships with our clients.  We strive to develop a detailed understanding of both your current situation and your ambitions in order to better protect your efforts both now and long-term. 

Comparisons Are Your (And Our) Friend. While patent law is a complex and demanding discipline, we are not, of course, the only patent practitioners who are technically adept.  Carefully evaluate differences in communication styles.  You ought to be confident of your ability to converse well with your patent representative.  Should you choose to work with us, we want you to be positive about your decision, and we welcome comparisons.