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A wealth of patent resources are already available on the Web.  We recommend that you do your homework, and then do some more (we will help guide you.)  Instead of the usual dose of self-promotion next (though we do have plenty to promote,) it is more vital to address a couple of important, and all too common, patent misconceptions:

 1.   "Getting a patent granted is what matters most" ... right? Wrong! Far too many patents end up woefully ineffective, and far too many patent owners, including many of the 'sophisticated,' do not even suspect that their linchpins are defective.  You need to understand what makes a patent matter, which leads to our next point:

 2. "Patents, even mine, are too hard to understand."  Yes, patents can be difficult, but that makes sense: they represent legal monopolies that can become immensely powerful business tools.  To earn that power a patent must correctly satisfy complex requirements and hence ends up complicated. Patent seekers need to responsibly invest in developing a detailed understanding of their patent-work, and their patent counsel should likewise commit to communicating skillfully and generously to guide the development of this understanding.  Otherwise, your patent's chances of being an effective business tool border on a crap shoot.

Of course there is much more to discuss, such as our noteworthy method of customizing your patent strategies to specifically cooperate with and enhance your business strategies.  Many patent counsel don't bother to invest in educating their clients well enough for the client to judge their patents for themselves.  By contrast, we are dedicated to your comprehensive appreciation of every detail of your patents, and we welcome your oversight and participation. Extraordinary insight, dedicated craftsmanship, and candid, clear communication are our hallmarks.  We are not right for everybody. But if we are right for you, we are committed to yielding value exceeding your expectations at reasonable, well disclosed costs.



-20+ years inventing, prosecuting patents
-Domestic & International  protection strategies
-Mentor, Speaker, Counselor, & Writer
-Physics researcher @ Wash. U. in St. Louis
-Innovation consulting, on-demand inventing
-Accomplished in multiple disciplines  


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Klotzer   Patents  LLC


Klotzer   Patents  LLC

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